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Welcome to Lexicalport.Com

For Corpus - based e-Learning Language Courses

Lexicalport.com is dedicated to providing corpus - based CALL language learning courses for students, teachers and institutions.

Created For

false beginners to intermediate-level EFL/ESL students in university, high school and other language development programs. Suitable for youth, young adults and adult learners. These materials work well for mixed-level classes.

management friendly

All courses include a custom-made LMS (Learning Management System) which gathers data for teachers and students on their progress and assists teachers with classroom managements needs, such as creating class lists, auto scoring, report cards/ spread sheet data and a comprehensive internal messaging system for teacher/ students interaction.

Corpus-based curriculum design

Approximately 40 years ago researchers started examining language structure using the analytical power of computer technology. Huge data-bases of authentic language were created to look at statistical patterns in authentic language use (both written and spoken).

Now it is possible to know precisely which are the most frequently used words in English all the way to the least frequent words. Also it is possible to know the most frequent collocates with words helping learners to learn words with better understanding how native speakers use them. Cobuild Project.

Corpus research on language structure plus the wide and broad use of computers and availability of Internet resources are opening new ways to study, learn and teach languages. Lexicalport.com courses aim to utilize the findings from this research and use the full suite of digital language learning apps. (applications) available to teachers and learners now.

Learning by

The tasks and activities in lexicalport.com course are designed to learn language by doing. Depending on which course is chosen, tasks can include the following: journal writing, list building, games, movie trailers, making presentations, building power point slides, gap exercises, multiple choice, free writing and more.

It is intended that teachers will animate these materials by generous use of student /teacher interaction, such as eliciting answers, reading out loud and doing games as whole class activity, and/ or creating pair work/small group activities with some of the tasks.


Designed to be completely paperless though teachers /students can opt to do some assignments with pen and paper if their circumstances favor this.


Lexicalport.com supports learners, teachers and institutions who understand that digital literacy is no longer an optional choice but a basic skill set required by almost everyone throughout all societies. These language learning materials promote and enhance computer literacy and utilize a rich array of Internet resources that support language learners.

Students have commented that the use of carefully chosen authentic text and materials from the Internet was motivating and useful for their language development. They also adopted and embraced the use of word frequency lists, online collocation apps., concordance data, online dictionaries and translating tools as part and parcel of their language learning resources.

Current Courses available

Business opportunity

Lexicalport.com (along with lexicalport.net and lexicalport.co are up for sale or limited partnerships and/ or co -authoring.) All inquires and proposals respectfully considered. E-mail Us

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